Winter travelling is definitely challenging. It’s more difficult than we imagined to find open sites that have hardstanding and loos.  We must have spent a couple of hours trying to find a suitable campsite near Cromer. In the end we settle on one inland nearer to Great Yarmouth.

Mid morning we leave Cley with the sun shining and drive the 30mins to Cromer. We park in Morrison’s for free, do a quick shop and then wander down into Cromer. It’s famous for the Cromer crab but guess what, it’s out of season🙃😁.  We wander down to the traditional pier, walk along the promenade, past the 500 seat theatre to the life boat station at the end of the pier. We enjoy a nose around the station, which houses a very large lifeboat, and walls covered in plaques detailing all the boats and lives saved over the years. A couple of guys are fishing off the side of the pier and enjoying the morning sunshine.

Back at the van we drive to Clippesby which is only forty five minutes away and park up for the day. Laze around accompanied by Tipping Point, Pointless and my kindle. It’s homemade creamy garlic chicken for tea  followed by movie night.

One thought on “Cromer

  1. So you only book the day before? I’ve never thought to do that, mind you I’m OCD about checking routes and access with a 24 foot wobble box on the back of the car 🤣


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