Cley next the Sea

Again we wake up to sunshine. We are the only people on this small site so have uninterrupted views of a gaggle of young partridges wandering the grounds.

It’s a beautiful crisp wintery morning. It’s sunny but cold so I have four layers on top and two on bottom plus hat and gloves!

Today we are going to explore Cley so wander down the hill. Our first stop is at St. Margaret’s 14C church which is beautiful. It used to be a sea church with the harbour just outside the walls of the church grounds but now it’s stranded inland.IMG_20200128_115109-1842x908IMG_20200128_115638-1842x908IMG_20200128_115821-908x681IMG_20200128_120039-908x681IMG_20200128_120354-908x1842

Manage to wander around the backstreets of Cley, the place is full of rather large and probably expensive houses most finished with cobblestone.  We make it to the high street and buy a picnic lunch from a deli as all the pubs and cafes are closed for either winter or refurbishment. The place has an  upmarket vibe with its 5* windmill hotel.

We take the path to the beach and find a bench to enjoy our yummy food with a takeaway cuppa overlooking the marshland and flood defences. The food tasted fabulous. There’s something special about eating outside even in the winter.IMG_20200128_133116-1843x909IMG_20200128_230703-812x1343IMG_20200128_132135-1843x909

We cross the marshes walking on top of the flood defences to the beach. There’s a few birds around paddling in the pools. The very stony beach is almost deserted apart from a couple of dog walkers and a bird watcher. The North Sea is lively, the sun is shining and we enjoy a teeny paddle whilst wandering along the beach awhile.

It’s time to make the return journey. By the time we are back at the van, I’m tired and my legs are complaining and we’ve walked over seven miles and taken over 18,000 steps. Another good day in Norfolk.IMG_20200128_135657-1843x909IMG_20200128_141017-909x1843IMG_20200128_141251-1843x909

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