East England in Winter

We are off on our travels again in Luci for the first time in 2020. This will be our fledgling winter trip in the van, even though we’ve had it just about two years and it’s been rather a long gap since our lovely extended summer break in Belgium and the Netherlands.

2019 was an exceptionally busy year for holidays, as I somehow managed to celebrate my 60th birthday, one way or another from November 2018 to October 2019😁.

My final celebration was a wonderful weekend with family, all squashing into the van at Braithwaite in the Lakes, being treated to a delightful meal at the Cottage in the Woods restaurant. However the highlight by far was Rach and Paul’s engagement, after a very romantic proposal at the bottom of Aira Force waterfall. She said yes!

Our first stop this trip is Seven, Acre Farm, a very small campsite just outside of Lincoln close to Fiskerton. The pitch overlooks a fishing lake ruled over by a group of assertive and noisy ducks begging for food. There are also a couple of cute goats on site.

The pitch itself slopes towards the lake so we spend a good thirty minutes trying to get the van level on our ramps as they keep slipping on the gravel, but we get there eventually…… Set ourselves up with a cuppa and a snack, followed by a kindle moment for me and Tipping Point and Pointless for T. After a ding meal we walk to the nearest pub, about a mile up the road in the dark. No pavements, lights,  moon or stars so torch is a necessity. The road is very quiet and we only see one car on our march to the Tyrwhitt Arms. After a couple of drinks we nose around the bridge to South Ferry. There was a huge flood of adjoining farmland last November when the River Witham burst it’s banks. They are still pumping out the water two and a half months later and the bridge across the river is closed as the road the other side was underwater. We walk rather than march back to the campsite and watch a movie before bed. A good start to our winter adventure.

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