It’s a beautiful morning. We are quite late getting up as we stayed up after midnight watching movies. Tony cooked a lovely breakfast and then we mivvy around getting ready. The bus to Lincoln stops just outside the campsite so we take the midday one into the city.

Our first stop is the impressive Lincoln cathedral. On top of a hill it’s an impressive sight. It dates back to the 11C but was rebuilt in the 12C and 13C. For a couple of hundred years it was the tallest building in the world, back a few centuries when it also had a tall wooden spire!  We are lucky to immediately join a tour by a very knowledgeable guide and it was fascinating to hear about it’s history of fire, earthquakes and civil war battles.

Next stop was Lincoln Castle to see the Magna Carta but sadly it  wasn’t there. We saw the Forest Charter instead.  Not too impressed by the museum set-up, all very dated and uninspired. However we did enjoy a wander around the Victorian prison in the castle grounds before walking the castle walls enjoying panoramic views of the cathedral and Lincoln.

After a mini half pint pub crawl around Lincoln’s pubs we returned to the cathedral at 5:30pm in time for Evensong which was lovely.

We caught the last bus back to Fiskerton at 7pm hoping to enjoy dinner at the Carpenters Arms. Not to be as it was fully booked and heaving. We also hoped for a taxi back to our campsite but no chance of that either. After a drink we began our two mile march back to the van. Halfway there we were given a lift by a very kind pizza delivery man. Result 👍.  Ended our day with pate on toast watching a DVD.

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