Ghent, Belgium

Starting our journey towards home now. Left the lovely Heusden and eventually The Netherlands and after a  two hour journey we arrived at Camping Blaarmeersan, which is just on the outskirts of Ghent in Belgium.

We get organised on our pitch and enjoy a late lunch and relax. We intended to have a BBQ, but after reading the bumph from the site, it suggests we must see Ghent at dusk when all the key buildings are beautifully lit up. So we are eating in Ghent tonight instead.

We took a free shuttle into the centre. It was busy and lively, readying for a huge outdoor free music festival that starts on Friday.


Everywhere you look are fabulous ancient buildings and churches.

After checking with the mighty Google, we enjoy a meal sitting outside at a nearby restaurant, with extra heat of course.

Live music is supposed to be on at one of the bars according to our travel bible, Lonely Planet. However we can only remember the street name. Try a bar and a beer on that street and ask the barman.

He suggests a place around the corner and we can hear music from outside when we get closer. Place is thrumming with a very energetic and great sounding band,  called Bomrani, all playing  instruments including a trombone and trumpet. Everyone is clearly having a fab time and it’s lovely to soak up the atmosphere. They finish too soon and the bar almost empties. We find out later that they are Iranian, from Tehran, touring in Europe.IMG_20190715_215813-1152x568

It’s now dusk and the buildings are all lit up and lovely.

Wander back to the centre where we started and catch a cab back to the campsite. Lovely evening.

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