After a 1am bedtime last night, we sleep late and breakfast  around 11am.

Eventually we get ready and walk into Heusden saying hi again to the local animals. Tony has his camera this time, so many photos are taken.


Make our way to the visitors centre in the town hall and book on the 2:30pm town walking tour. We watch a video of the history of walled city of Heusden which is both interesting and sad. We also have a look at the models of the town and old buildings.


I have a little time so I find a gorgeous pair of earrings to buy and wear, as I forgot to put any on this morning. They are silver and rose crystal.IMG_20190714_180209The walking tour starts late at 3 pm. We wander around the town with the guide, with a group of Dutch and German tourists, hearing at least part of the speel in English.  Some of the tourists help with the translation! We walk on the ramparts, hear about the impressive, extensive and very expensive reconstruction that remade the town. It really is very lovely.


Afterwards we stop in a bar, listening to  a band called ‘The Struck Up’ playing live jazzy bluesy music and have a few beers.


Once back at the van we eat an easy tea sitting and outside as Tony obsesses over his phone watching the world cup cricket and men’s Wimbledon tennis final play by play, live scores. England won – huge yeah!      Djokovic won  – small yeah!IMG_20190714_204525-270x437IMG_20190714_203421-268x402

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