We stumbled upon Heusden in our Lonely Planet guide, whilst planning our route home. It’s less than one hour from our last stop and the road to it runs alongside the New Maas for a while, a tributary of the Rhine.


We have plenty of time to stock up again at the local Coop before heading to Camping de Reekens, which is a small but lovely little campsite, basically a field with services at one end, a 15 mins walk outside Heusden. As we are arriving the heavens open so we hide in Luci and have lunch until it stops. Set ourselves up and dither about cycling in, but in the end decide to relax and have dinner there instead. IMG_20190713_174802-1152x568

All showered and ready we walk into Heusden, we pass some of the menagerie at the entrance to the campsite.


Heusden is unusual, fortified with circular river moat, around a castle that doesn’t really exist anymore, with huge grassed rampart walls and a lovely marina with a windmill. Many of the buildings are old but there was lots of damage during WWII, none of which is visible now. Its a gem with picturesque narrow streets and houses.


We enjoy a meal sitting outside, at one of the restaurants on the square, under a huge sunshade/umbrella, kept warm with patio heaters. It would be good to see more of this in the UK.


On the way back we stop at a pub where someone rings the bar bell and everyone in the pub gets a free drink, including us! Wander back in the dark and play ‘spot the difference’ by the light of a citronella candle.


3 thoughts on “Heusden

  1. just stumbled across you Heusden post My grandfather was born there he helped rebuild the chuch after is was bombed in ww II Love the pictures!!!! hope i can get there but dont think i can bring my RV from the USA


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