Texel Island

Our day starts lazily with a lie in followed by a delicious cooked breakfast, accompanied by a visit from the local hens.


We get a free cycle path map from reception and then we’re off again on our bikes. Our cycling shorts are hidden under normal shorts and worth their weight in gold, truly a fabulous invention!

The iconic red lighthouse that features on fridge magnets, postcards and keyrings etc, is on the north eastern tip of the island and is our first destination. Lovely ride along cycle paths and amongst sand dunes, but of course it’s not flat! Lots of uphill stretches but I manage them all with effort! It’s incredible how many different types of bikes there are including many and varied children carriers, loads of e-bikes, and bikes that look more like powered wheelchairs! They definitely treat bikes as a method of transport for all rather than just exercise or leisure here and have fantastic cycling infrastructure. The cycle paths are almost as wide as the roads and allow for two bikes astride.  It’s been quite the education for us, and we are loving it.


At the top of the final hill sits the lighthouse overlooking a glorious loopwhite beach with fine powdery sand. I enjoy a sit on the sand and a kindle moment whilst Tony explores the lighthouse, followed by a lovely cold beer.


Off on the bikes again this time to De Slufter, a wetland caused by a the North Sea breaching the dykes in the early 1900’s. It’s a haven for all sorts of birds now so we stop for a bit of birdwatching helped by a ranger with high powered binoculars.

A visit to De Cocksforp next, our first bike riding supermarket shop, we decided against the beer and potatoes but managed everything else.

It’s been a lovely fun day on Texel and we understand why the Dutch and Germans love to holiday here but I wouldn’t like it so much in high season.

A BBQ to finish our day and a viewing of Blade Runner 2049 with the lovely Ryan Gosling, delicious!

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