Ecomare on Texel, then onto Edam

Shipped out of the campsite after a light breakfast and just down the road visited Ecomare. It’s a museum, aquarium and seal and bird sanctuary.

We arrived just as seal feeding time had started. The place was rammed with families. Most of the seals were rescued and recovering, some old and blind, some unable to look after themselves in the wild as they’d been picked up too young. Similar story with seabirds and a couple of porpoises.

There was an interesting aquarium and a hands on display for kids education. We spent about over an 1.5hrs here being entertained.

Off to Den Hander next to catch our 20 min ferry back to the mainland and then on to Edam. Saw a few old style windmills along the way and managed to find a supermarket with a tiny carpark so T had to stay out on the road with the van whilst I shopped for the heavy stuff we couldn’t carry yesterday.

Our campsite, Camping Strandbad Edam, just 5 mins outside of the centre is lovely and overlooking a marina. Situated on the shores of a tranquil  lake Markermeer, it’s a beautiful spot. We set ourselves up a stone’s throw from the lake, enjoy a beer and then we’re off again on our bikes into Edam. It’s a really beautiful place, with canals, wooden bridges, weeping willows, flowers and lovely houses. We get our first close-up with a traditional windmill on the way in. Edam is very picturesque and a highlight of our trip so far. We try to  visit one of the churches which has old fab stained glass windows but it’s closed. It’s an excuse to stop in a nearby square and enjoy an aperol spritz before we head back to our van.

Another fab BBQ, all wrapped up as the wind is blowing a bit. We wander down to the lake at dusk and enjoy a glass of wine, watching the birds hover and dive successfully for fish. Another really good day.


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