Texel Island

We are travelling north today to the top of the Netherlands to catch a ferry to Texel Island, the largest of the Wadden Islands. It was an interesting journey as we saw a couple of old windmills in the distance, lots of new wind turbines and fields, flat of course running off into the distance. At one point, near the end of our journey, we travelled on a road built on a large dyke, with water on both sides, for about 15 miles.

Hoping to make the 1:30pm ferry, with about 5 mins to spare, we took a wrong turn just at the last minute and missed it. Enjoyed a cuppa and butties in the van instead, waiting in line for the next ferry. It’s a very efficient service, same ferry back and forth, 20min journey, 10mins load/unload. Smart inside too. We saw a seal too and loads of seagulls being fed by a guy as we came into Texel island.

The campsite we are staying on is at the top end of the island, super expensive, a bit like a small centre Parcs. Parked up and then wandered around checking the place out.

It’s our 31st wedding anniversary today so we got ourselves gussied up before walking into the local village of De Cocksforp for a couple of drinks and the most fantastic meal in a rather posh local restaurant.  Lovely way to end the day.

2 thoughts on “Texel Island

  1. 31 years! Wow, congratulations to you both. I’ll be 74 and Mike 77, when we’ve been married 31 years 🤣


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