homestead Duvenvoorde near Giethoorn

Our plans for today we’re derailed by wind and a bit of rain. We intended to take a boat ride in Weerribben-Wieden National Park but it was a 50min cycle ride to our starting point and the weather just wasn’t good enough.

Instead we cleaned and tidied the van. We’ve been away for nearly two weeks now so it was past time to clean. It’s looking lovely again.

Spent quite a few hours afterwards planning the next week. The difficult bit was finding a site close enough to Amsterdam that we could use public transport from. Tried loads of different locations before we landed on one we were happy with. Hopefully all organised now.

Planning our adventure

Spag bol for tea, a nice change from BBQ and a evening in the van finally watching the end of A Knights Tale, which we’ve fallen asleep too for at least the last three nights!

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