It’s a sunny today so we decide to head off to the mountains to Grindelwald. It’s a busy train but we all get seats. The views on the way up into the mountains are absolutely lovely. Lots of wooden houses and beautiful alpine vistas.

Once in Grindelwald we head up a steep path out of the village centre. Once we reach some height we can see the  mountains in all the snow  covered glory.

We find a hotel that’s open and sit in its empty garden admiring the view for ages and enjoying a cold beer. There’s lots of paragliders up in the sky getting a bird’s eye view of the Alps. It’s a wonderful nearly two hours of peace and tranquility in the midst of a another busy trip.

The views on the way back to Interlaken are just as good. Tony cooks a lovely chicken curry accompanied by rice, naan and raita. A final beer in our local The Happy Inn hotel to end a rather fab day.

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