Perpignan, Portbou, Girona and eventually Zaragoza

Our first train today is at 8:15am. All up and awake well before 7am though, so plenty of time to have a breakfast of bread and jam and a pain au chocolat washed down with OJ and tea in a local cafe.  Only €4.95 too.

Some lovely coastal views on the journey to Perpignan where we enjoy a coffee and some of us a really terrible cookie whilst we wait for the next train to Portbou. This takes us across the border into Spain and gives us a great view of the Pyranees.

The Pyranees – a much better view in real life

Once we arrive in Portbou, after queuing for a while waiting for what seems to be the single member of staff, Sessie successfully books us on a train to Girona and for an extra €13.70 each we have reservations on the fast train to Zaragoza our final destination today. No facilities at Portbou station so he also manages to leg it down the hill and buy three dry baguettes to assuage our hunger as it’s now 1:45pm. We are living the high life.

Our train to Girona is almost empty and the windows are clean so good views again of the coast and terraced hillside vineyards.

We have time for lunch outside  Girona station before we head to the TGV station which is separate and underground. The Ave train which means bird in Spanish is sleek on the outside and rather luxurious on the inside. A first for this trip is a mobile snack and drinks trolley. The train goes very fast.

We arrive in Zaragoza Delicias station about 5:45pm and hang around for 30 minutes while Sessie organises how we get to San Sebastian on Monday. The trials and tribulations of working first the French and Swiss rail systems continue in Spain.

After a 25 minute walk to our hotel, the Cesaraugusto we check in and are all very happy to have three separate hotel rooms. Luxury!

Around 7:30pm we head into the centre. It’s not nearly as pretty as Nimes the architecture much more functional. The bars are heaving with people enjoying the Saturday beers and socialising.

End up in a tapas bar sitting at the bar. It’s blowing a gale so too windy and chilly to sit outside.

After a wander around we get a table for six in a busy Tibetan restaurant which serves mild curries and noodles. A couple of beers in two bars on the way back the hotel and our luxurious double bed!

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