Start our day with a visit to the roof top garden of the hotel to check out the views .

After a breakfast of croissant, a glass of orange juice and a cuppa in the bar of the hostel, for the princely sum of €6, we head into the old town in Nimes. It’s a really lovely place with swathes of traffic free boulevards, fountains, squares and impressive architecture.

We see the Place du Marche and it’s famous crocodile fountain and book our evening meal in one of its restaurants to guarantee we’ll actually eat this evening.

We wander towards the Esplanade Charles-de-Gaulle which is lovely managing to blend old architecture with new structures.

Onto Nimes amphitheater built back in 70 AD which looks just like the Colosseum in Rome and is one of the reasons why Nimes used to be called French Rome. We enjoy exploring it in the sunshine from top to bottom. T does a Maximus Decimus Meridius just for our son Matt who is a major history nerd according to his sister Rach!

Nimes Amphitheatre
T doing his Maximus Decimus Meridius impression

Next stop is a flying visit into the Carre d’Art a museum, art gallery and library but we decide not to pay for the museum.

Carre d’Art

The Maison Carree built in 19 BC is opposite and we are told is one of the best examples of a Roman temple in the world.

Onto Quai de la Fontaine a canal built in 1740 to collect spring water to ensure a reliable supply to the textile industry for dyeing. Nimes is where denim was created over 300 years ago.

Into the park, Les Jardins de la Fontaine, where we finally agree on somewhere to eat lunch sitting outside in the mostly sunshine. Our lunch, sitting next to the Temple of Diana is huge and filling and tasty. The park is formally laid out

Up the many steps to the top of the park to the Tour Magne, what’s left of Emporer Augustus fortifications 27 BC to 14 AD. T, Jacky and Sessie climb to the top of the tower and enjoy the views across the city.

Back to the hotel for a nap or lie down and a recharge of the batteries and the guys enjoy a game of crib in the bar. We head out at 7pm in light rain. Stop at a bar on the way for a drink ahead of enjoying a fabulous and well priced three course meal at Le Palmier restaurant.

We spend 2 minutes in a nearby street where a festival is taking place before we decide we’re too old and it’s too busy and noisy. Back to the hostel along the tree lined boulevard where the fountains are lit by changing coloured lights. Just lovely. A final drink in the bar before an early night.

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