Île d’Oléron, Nouvelle-Aquitaine

On the road just before midday and we actually have rain on our journey for the first time! Most welcome. We are moving south but the forecast is for lower temperatures especially in the evening which will help make sleeping easier.

On the way we stop off at Decathlon in La Rochelle looking for a beach umbrella and beach chairs. Zero result.

Our next stop is on Île d’Oléron itself at a Lidl supermarket for lots of supplies as we are staying five nights at Camping Les Remparts in Chateau d’Oléron on the south of the island. This is the only campsite we booked ahead of time as it’s a very busy period, a weekend, August and we didn’t want to be disappointed.

After loading up with our goodies we decide to try Decathlon on the island and manage to source a beach umbrella. I didn’t manage to find ice in Lidl so I do a quick dash into Intermarche. Success! Ice and even more exciting beach chairs!

As I check us into the campsite there’s a couple being turned away as they are full so pre booking was the right way to go.

The campsite is rammed and the pitches are ok but as there are trees but no hedges between pitches it all looks cramped. Our pitch is on the end of a row shaded by a couple of large trees so we’re happy.

We enjoy a lovely evening sitting outside with a couple of games of Rummikub, 1-1 again so that makes it 11-8. Pork steaks in honey and mustard on the barbie tonight. Delicious.

T’s lip and face are finally looking a lot better so the cortisone and anti-histamines have done their job at last. He no longer looks like he had a failed attempt at lip fillers!

Looking forward to exploring tomorrow and as it’s cooler, hopefully a better night’s sleep tonight.

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