Coulon, Le Marais Poitevin, Nouvelle-Aquitaine

It’s even hotter today so we decide to stay put as options for getting to a different part of the Marais Poitevin are limited without cycling miles.

We sit outside in the shade but it’s impossible to get away from the heat. Busy myself with time on Netflix reading and blogging. The new setup with the router, Amazon firestick and French data SIM is working really well as so far we’re able to get a good mobile signal everywhere we’ve been.

We BBQ around 8pm finishing off the remaining food before shopping again tomorrow, ahead of five nights on I’le D’orleron. Plenty of ice required in the fizz!

A couple of games of Rummikub, 1 each. I lost the first game but the second game I put 13 out of 14 tiles down on my first go! I won eventually but by then we’d almost emptied the bag of tiles. Our running score is now 10-7.

Watch episode three of the Cook of Castermar using headphones of course as it’s absolutely quiet out here and everyone is in bed. Probably not asleep though as it’s so hot.

I so do love sitting outside in the dark!

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