Pontchateau, Loire Atlantique

Our last day today in this great spot. Early afternoon we wander anti-clockwise around the lake. The top end is even quieter than where we are.

We got talking to a couple from Immingham who had visited this campsite in 2018. At that point the lake was clogged up with weeds so it looks like significant work took place during lockdown. We can see evidence that quite a few trees were felled by the number of stumps left but it’s still beautifully green.

We eat early for once as we’ve missed lunch and then enjoy a couple of drinks in the campsite bar chatting to a couple from Nottingham.

Spot the otter in the middle of the lake for the last time. We notice it’s wake at first but it doesn’t come close enough for photos this time.

Eventually we play a couple of games of Rummikub. We have to resort to using the torches on our phones as the last one ends after dark. 8-5 to T.

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