Pontchateau, Loire Atlantique

Ok day three and we’ve extended again so we’re here now until Saturday morning. Just love the feel of this place.

I’m content to sit and watch and read but T’s ready for a bit more action so goes on a bike ride. To Calvary no less. Le calvaire de Pontchateau, now a place of pilgrimage. The strangest place just up the road. It has fifteen stations of the cross and he was informed of its history whilst there by a friendly nun.

He also had a cycle ride to Sainte Reine de Bretagne, the local village.

We decide to visit the bar for one drink ahead of a BBQ and that ends up being two drinks as we sit chatting to two couples in the bar. We’ve also discovered the reason for so many Brits on the site. It’s associated to one of the big caravan organisation’s in the UK. Makes sense now.

A quiet night next to the lake tonight. The otter went past once it was dark, could see it’s wake in the middle of the lake. No games or quizzes. Lovely.

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