Two lovely days in Kinsale, apart from the onion bhajis of course, so it’s time to move on.

Dungarvan is our next stop. We travel first to the Sports Centre where there is water and grey and chemical waste disposal and we can park overnight for €10. After a much needed use of the excellent facilities we park up. I then remember that there is somewhere called The Lookout where if available we can park for free. It’s literally just around the bay and we can see other motorhomes parked there. There are only three spots but we decide to drive the two minutes to see if there’s a spare one and there is. It’s facing the lovely bay and behind us is a church and gardens and bandstand. Just a very short walk into town so happy to stay here.

After lunch we wander around the bay into town. First stop is Dungarvan castle which is shut.

Eventually we stop and enjoy a drink in Grattan Square in the sunshine.

Back to the van, saying hello to the heron.

We were considering going out to eat as this is a foody destination but in the end decide not to. A g&t next to the sea wall, but the wind is chilly so we don’t last very long.

Back in the van we have steaks and watch the end of the firefly series. Sad to get to the end of it and I wish we’d brought the movie Serenity with us to continue the story. Another great stop here in Dungarvan. All down to fab info from the TMI Facebook group, it’s been invaluable!

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