After a peaceful night on Long Quay we have a lazy start to Sunday. Eventually we get organised and are ready to move. The plan today is to walk to Charles Fort and do the Scilly walk.

Tides out on Long Quay
Heron on fishing duty

Just behind the van there’s a path up the hill which avoids a walk around a big U bend on the road. It’s long and steep and certainly gets the blood pumping.

The steep ascent brings us up to the top road and we make our way along admiring the many cliff top mansions with their amazing views over the bay. We thought we were doing the scilly walk at this point but we can’t see any signs. Keeping going along the road we meet a few more hills of course.

Eventually we start a steep descent and halfway down see the sign for the Scilly walk which we’ll catch on the way back.

The road continues down to the Bulman pub in Summercove which is at sea level and we promise ourselves a drink there after the fort visit.

Up a little hill and then across the moat into the Charles Fort. T’s first stop is an exhibition which I leave him at so I can sit outside in the sun reading my kindle! A tour of the castle and ramparts in the sunshine next followed by a cuppa and shared sandwich in the castle cafe. It’s really sunny now and the view is fab.

Back down to the pub we get a great seat in the sunshine and enjoy a pint.

Up the hill again to the start of the Scilly walk. It’s right on the coast under the grand houses we saw from the road. It’s descends steeply at the start and eventually flattens to a lovely coastal path into Kinsale harbour.

At the we realise we are just round the bend from our van…..and spot the Scilly walk signpost! We stop at the Spaniard pub for another drink and then five minutes later we are back at the Luci.

A bit of salmon pate on bruschetta and a cuppa and it’s time to go out for dinner. A curry tonight in the only Indian restaurant in town. Sadly it’s rather disappointing and possibly the worst onion bhajis I’ve ever eaten! Flat as pancakes and over cooked.

Back to our fave bar Kitty O Se’s for a seat at the bar and live music. A tiring but fun day.

The turn

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