St David’s

Today after a morning of the Winter Olympics we take the bus to St David’s the smallest city in the UK.

The bus route takes us through Solva which looks lovely and we add it to our list of places to visit. Next we travel alongside a huge crescent shaped beach, called New Gale Sands with a wild sea and lots of breakers. Definitely a bus ride with views!

St David’s itself is nestled in a  valley and the cathedral is hidden right at the base. A lovely 14C Celtic cross stands at the end of the main street  The main street runs downs  a hill, with lots of local gift shops and galleries,  the occasional cafe and pub. It’s quiet now but must be bustling in the summer as it’s really quite small and  narrow.

Our first stop is the St David’s cathedral. It’s large and impressive and accessed by a set of steps down a hill with a cemetery clinging to  the hillside.

We enjoy wandering around its many different spaces. It has beautiful wooden ceilings, gorgeous stonework, huge arched windows and a lovely rose stained glass window.

We follow our visit with our first taste of a Welsh cake and a cuppa in the Refectory and then we squeeze in a stop at the cathedral shop and net ourselves our first fridge magnet of the trip.

First fridge magnet of the trip

Literally next door to the cathedral is The Bishop’s Palace. We have to pay to visit but it’s not too expensive. It’s a fun tour with audio and a few pics in each room that help to bring the ruins back to life. We take a trip up one of the spiral staircases which is incredibly narrow, especially at the top, and has tiny steps definitely too small for our feet! Great views from the top too.

Back out into the tiny city we buy a couple of slate Christmas decorations. We intended to stay a while for a couple of drinks and a meal but as it’s late afternoon out of season, our options are very limited. We share a take-away baguette instead and get an earlier bus.

At Pelcomb Cross the Inn is now open so we stop for a drink there instead.  Dinner in the van is curry with the trimmings followed by a bit of TV.  It’s been great to be out and about again today.

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