Pelcomb Cross

The day starts with cards and gifts for Valentine’s Day. We both remembered. T is usually better than me as I quite often forget significant dates when we are on the road. I love my beautiful ring that we picked up a few weeks ago in an antique store and a book on quilting. He gets joggers and milk tray chocolates!

We leave New Quay as the rain stops and take the coastal road via Cardigan and Fishguard.

We stop at Tesco in Cardigan for more supplies as we’re hoping that is the only supermarket run we’ll need.

The campsite this time is between Haverford West and St David’s. We wanted to stay closer to St David’s but couldn’t find a campsite open at this time of year. It’s expensive but has heated bathrooms.

It’s too late to go anywhere today. We eat in the van and then walk to the local pub…. which is shut. Oh well luckily we have lots of choice in Luci.

Enjoy watching Hope Street on the laptop in our comfies, eating T’s milk tray chocolates and quaffing vino to end the day.

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