Barnsdale Gardens & Rutland Water

Enjoyed a lovely weekend with friends in Snettisham. Lots of eating, drinking, talking and walking. Weather was scorching.

Monday arrives too soon so our friends travel back to Kent and we are driving to Rutland Water.

We are out of the cottage by 9am so stop at Barnsdale Gardens for a couple of hours. We have to pay to get in too! It used to be the location back in the day for filming BBC’s Gardeners World when Geoff Hamilton was running the show.

Really enjoy wandering around the various gardens created for the program and being inspired by the designs and planting.

There are 38 gardens to see so we take a break for lunch in the cafe. Enjoy the salads so much, so inexpensive too.

Finish wandering around whilst walking off lunch and visit the nursery looking for a particular climbing rose. Can’t get that but we do buy a plant to take home.

Short drive to Rutland Water where we pitch up. This is a basic site providing water only buts it right next to the reservoir and cycle path and only £12 a night.

Eventually enjoy BBQ chicken and sausages leftover from the weekend for dinner and a very early night as we can’t be bothered to go the pub and as we are running on 12v power we can’t watch telly as we’ve forgotten a cable! Sunset is amazing.

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