Rutland Water

Fab final day today cycling around Rutland Water. If you include the Hambleton Peninsula which we do, it’s 24 miles. It’s a wonderfully varied route, lots of ups and downs requiring either much breaking or e power. T has to work hard. It’s a difficult route as there’s lots of gates to navigate some of them at the bottom of hills and a standing start uphill is always a challenge. For all that we really enjoy the day.

24 miles according to my bike and the website. Huawei can’t count 😂

We stop often to take in the wonderful views and a couple of times to eat our butties.

At one point we have to stop as a flock of lambs and sheep are being moved nearer to the farm for shearing, fun to watch them gamble by us.

Normanton church is beautiful sitting literally on the edge of glistening water. We can imagine how wonderful the wedding photos would be on a sunny day.

At 22 miles we enjoy pint in a hotel beer garden, it’s definitely well earned.

Finally back to the van a bit knackered. We eventually rouse ourselves to shower, get ready and walk to the Wheatsheaf pub for tea.

Back at the van we sit outside for a few games of Spot The Difference before bed. Great day.

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