Lavenham, Bentley and Flatford Mill in Suffolk

It’s a short hop to Lavenham our first stop today. Known for its timbered medieval cottages and it’s Guildhall. We manage to park in a coach spot in the Cock Horse Inn carpark at the top of the village and fingers crossed we won’t get a ticket. Can’t resist a photy of a gorgeous car that T tells me is a Morgan.


We wander down into the village where the wisteria is blooming lovely. Ancient timbered higgledy piggledy houses are everywhere in lots of lovely colour.

A free visit to the Guildhall, as it’s an NT property is vaguely depressing. It’s been a Bridewell, workhouse, prison, mortuary, social club and pub and has many a sad tale to tell.

Next we visit a local butcher to buy bbq supplies before heading back to the van and onto Bentley.

A quick lunch outside and late afternoon we are off on our bikes to Flatford Mill on the River Stout. It’s hillier than expected but only takes 39 minutes and was made famous by Constable. It’s where he sat when he painted his famous painting The Hay Wain featuring Willy Lott’s cottage.

Flatford Mill
Us and Willy Lott’s cottage
The River Stour
Crossing the lock

Luckily there’s a pub on the way back to Bentley so we stop and enjoy a pint in the sunshine outside The Dickie aka Royal Oak.

A ready meal of macaroni cheese sitting outside and some TV to end another enjoyable and busy day.

View from the van

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