Cemaes Bay

It’s been raining all night and we wake up to more rain.

Slow lazy morning and early afternoon in the van. Eventually it’s seems to be stopping so about 2pm we get dressed for wind and rain and walk into Camaes Bay.

We plan to walk the coastal path towards Llanbadrig aka St Patrick’s church so it’s a right turn at the harbour along the promenade. There’s an interesting bell on the beach that rings at high tide. Never seen anything like it before.

Up onto the path via a wooden steps built for people with longer legs than me! Gets the blood pumping and fab views of the town from the top. Great views of the decommissioned Wylfa nuclear power station too.

It’s blustery but not raining now. The coastal path and rocks are covered in all sorts of wild flowers which is lovely. Towards the end of the path nearing the church we see people on the beach below. I agree to go via the beach and around headland to the church. It’s ok at the beginning but turns into a large rock strewn landscape with slippery wet seaweed everywhere so quite the challenge to cross bits of it. I manage it but it’s slow going.

We are very happy to discover that the St Patrick’s church is open so enjoy a wander around.

We walk back into Cemaes Bay via the road. It’s a much shorter quicker route so we don’t mind the drizzle. We stop at the Harbour Hotel for nachos and a drink. Next is the The Stag for a drink before buying fish and chips from the chippy and eating them back in the van. Fish was top class. Googlebox entertains us before bed.

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