Hovingham and Slingsby

Another glorious day. We are staying local today. We start by visiting the cutest lambs that are in a small field next the to the allotments literally outside the campsite. They all run towards us bleating hoping for food but are quickly disappointed. The ewes are being kept separate for some reason.

Wander across the road to a footpath that runs along an railway embankment. We end up walking to Hovingham across fields. Sadly we know the pubs are shut so we buy a lollyice and then wander around the church and graveyard and across the Ford. It reminds us a little of The Slaughters in The Cotswolds. We return to Slingsby via a slightly different route and enter further up the village by the Church and the remains of a castle.

Back to the van to sit in the sunshine. We were going to go to the pub again but decide we can’t be bothered. Enjoy onion bhajis outside and a curry in the van for our final evening. Watch Northanger Abbey, well I do! It’s not a great adaptation though. End with an old episode of Gogglebox.

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