Robin Hood’s Bay to Whitby

Sunshine again! So lucky with the weather on this trip. Today we plan a longish walk from Robin Hood’s Bay to Whitby along the Cleveland Way coastal path.

After breakfast and dressing in layers again, we catch the X94 bus for a half hour ride to Robin Hood’s Bay. We wander down into the town along steep narrow roads, eventually arriving at the beach. Strange but busy place with limited vehicle access. We’d recently seen a Kate Humble TV programme about the town so knew about the smugglers tunnels and history. There’s an incredibly ugly very tall sea wall. We take a different route back up and find ourselves at the top and back of the sea wall which was decorated with mosaics one with a great poem summarising the history of the town.

Back at the top of the cliff we buy an ice cream and make our way to the Cleveland Way. It’s very much an up and down walk to Whitby with occasionally some horribly steep steps to navigate. Lovely coastal views of rocky beaches and the sea.

We stop for a break about halfway along for a tangerine, some liquorice allsorts and water. To be honest I’m feeling the exertions of the previous few days walking, especially my right knee, so would prefer not to have three and a half miles further to go , so have an unanswered beam me up scotty moment.

Eventually we are nearing Whitby and see The Abbey in the distance, an inspiration for Bram Stoker’s Dracula novel. I’m happy to arrive!

We wander down down down into Whitby harbour. Its very busy. Find a pub by the harbour and queue up. Luckily I can sit and queue so I’m happy. Enjoy a pint and eat some terrible nachos. It’s absolutely baltic sitting in the shade so we decide to get an earlier bus back.

We’d didn’t realise that the bus back to Scarborough was now the X93 which doesn’t stop outside the campsite. Bus journey takes an hour with a twenty minute walk at the end thrown in.

End our tiring but lovely day watching Gogglebox, Alan Carr’s terrible new game show and Jonathan Ross. Too tired to celebrate getting my first rollercoaster badge from Fitbit which is for 127 floors climbed. One floor climbed is equivalent to a rise of 10 feet/three metres!!

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