Charmouth and Axminster

We leave Beer at 11am and head for Axminster. We can’t get into our next campsite until 2pm so we need to kill some time.

We find a car park easily, even if it’s not quite the one we were looking for and it’s free at the weekend which is a bonus.

It’s only 5mins walk down into Axminster. We wander around but there’s not much to see so we go for cake and coffee. We did try and go to the River Cottage Kitchen but there’s a 30 minute wait so we decide go somewhere else.

Back on the road it’s 20 minutes to Woodfarm campsite in Charmouth. We have a little trouble getting onto our ramps as the back one keeps slipping. A man from a neighbouring motorhome is very helpful and uses his rock pegs to keep the ramp stationary whilst T drives onto it. Obviously been doing this for years and has all mod cons as T later spots him on a nifty collapsible ladder cleaning the top of his van. I think he has camper van accessory envy!

After a snack we decide to walk down into Charmouth. It’s cute, on a steep hill but quiet.

We follow the road signs to the beach which is much busier, cross the bridge over the river and wander along the sand. It’s a beautiful bay, really huge and sweeping with fantastic rock formations and lots of different layers visible. There’s what looks like shale on the ground that is so soft it breaks up just with your fingers. There are loads of people fossil hunting too. I find a stone that isn’t a fossil but has a great pattern on it. We can clearly see Golden Cap from here, the highest point on the Jurassic Coast.

We wander along a footpath back into Charmouth for a drink at the The George. It’s nicely busy.

By now it’s after 7pm and dark. We order a portion of fish bites and chips at a takeaway on the main road. It takes nearly 40 minutes to arrive! Think they must be catching the cod first. We scoff them on the way back up the hill to our van. The chips are really tasty but the fish average.

We watch Jurassic Park Fallen Kingdom on the telly and so to bed. Another good day on the Jurassic Coast.

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