Beer and Seaton

Late morning we walk down the hill into Beer. It’s clouding over after a sunny start.

As soon as we get down to the beach the heavens open and we get rather wet. Luckily we are wearing walking gear so it should dry quickly. We then wander around Beer looking for a cafe to get out of the rain. First though Tony has to buy me another mask as once again I’ve forgotten to bring it! Eventually we eat at a cafe near the front and share a Devon cream tea.

The rain has passed now so we decide to walk up and along the coastal path to Seaton. T has remembered his binoculars for the first time which are great for inspecting the collapsed cliffs at Seaton. Some of the gardens have fallen onto the beach and the houses are very close to the edge! I’m not sure I’d be able to sleep at night. We decide not to walk into Seaton itself.

We pass sheep that appear to be grouping along breed/colour lines, not sure if this is usual or not but we’ve never noticed it before.

Nearly back in Beer, there’s a huge murder of crows nesting in a few large trees making a right racket and flying in swarms.

After our clifftop walk we treat ourselves to an ice-cream. I have honeycomb and T has madagascan vanilla. We walk down the pebbly beach again, amongst the fishing boats that are literally parked on the pebbles. There are lots of winches which are used to pull the boats out of the water. This time the sun is shining. We walk right to one edge of the beach to see the seagulls floating in the sunshine.

Back into Beer we try the 3rd pub The Dolphin. Its just as disappointing as The Anchor, definitely a hotel bar rather than pub, lacking in atmosphere and people. We return to the best pub in Beer, The Barrel O’Beer for a drink before tromping back up the hill to our van.

Dinner in again watching Gogglebox and Hitch the movie. Enjoyable day even though it rained.

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