A Southern Adventure.

We are off again, this time to Devon as I’ve been wanting to see the Jurassic Coast since watching Broadchurch some years ago. We were reluctant to travel too far in the current pandemic but after three trips since July and this probably being the last one before winter, we are going for it.

We nearly didn’t get going at all though. Covid is truly surging again and is particularly bad in the North West. Although we’d packed the van ready, we waited to hear the latest restrictions in the No. 10 broadcast. As there were no changes affecting us or the areas we are travelling to, we left today as planned.  We’ve travelled in the van in October before and had reasonable weather so fingers crossed we get it again.

Our original plan was a longish drive to Glastonbury for an overnight stop and then off down to Somerset. Annoyingly however there’s a yellow rain and wind weather warning for Cornwall and Devon and surrounds on Friday so we decided to slow our journey by a day with an extra stay in the Midlands.

Our first stop instead is a small campsite called Hyde Farm in Pinvin, a few miles outside Worcester. It’s really just an overnight stay but a nice rural spot.

After lunch and a kindle moment for me and online backgammon for T we decide to walk to the only local pub, the Coach and Horses. It’s a 20 minute walk, the start along the very busy A44 but after 5 minutes we are walking through corn fields ready for harvesting. It’s a bit muddy and slippy and I don’t have the best footwear on but I manage to stay upright.

The pub is shut. Looks like it hasn’t been open for a while so possibly a covid business failure. When we looked again at the Google info it says it was open but there have been no reviews for 12 months. A sign to look for in the future – duh!

On the walk back we had a lovely surprise as a deer ran across the path in front of us into the corn field on our right. Very exciting.

Back at the van we enjoy fish, chips and salad for dinner and watch Walk The Line again. A quiet first day.

3 thoughts on “A Southern Adventure.

  1. You do right taking your time getting down here. The winds are really strong and the rain heavy. Our van feels more like a boat – rocking around and rain lashed 😳😩

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