Flamborough Head and Bempton Cliffs

Happiness. The sun is shining today as we get ready for a bike ride.

Our first destination is Flamborough Head which is about 4 miles away. The route is mainly along busyish roads except for the final bit mostly uphill to the lighthouse.

We pass the local golf course on the way. What views! Almost gets me thinking of taking up golf.

The original chalk lighthouse built in 1674 is still standing but maybe leaning a little after it’s restoration in 1996.

Flamborough Head lighthouse is a working one. In fact we saw its lamp in the distance from our campsite yesterday evening. This is a very popular spot and there are loads of visitors.

We take a walk along the coastal path and the views of the chalk cliffs are wonderful. It’s a lot quieter too once you get away from the lighthouse and cafe. We are excited to spot a couple of seals treading water and enjoying the sunshine.

After a cuppa at the cafe we get back on our bikes and cycle the 5 miles to the Bempton Cliffs RSPB centre. It’s mostly uphill so my e-bike gets a workout in the higher gears.

It’s a wonderful spot with lovely cliff walks, with a number of different viewing platforms that give great views of 10’s of thousands of mainly gannets, nesting and flying and making loads of noise and smells. It was great to be able to identify the age of the gannets by their feather colours and patterns. We felt like budding ornithologists. We also saw a Shag and a few Fulmar which we’d never heard of before. All in lovely sunshine too. Sadly we did forget both sets of binoculars sitting unused in the van. Next time!

The cycle back was downhill and easy. We stopped again at The Martonian pub, sat outside and enjoyed a pint and a snack.

Back at the van after our 14 mile cycle ride, it was time for a hot shower followed by a BBQ. We were brave and ate outside whilst the the sun was disappearing but it was just warm enough with our fleeces on. A lovely day out in Yorkshire.

2 thoughts on “Flamborough Head and Bempton Cliffs

  1. Hi Lin and Tony,

    Thanks for sharing this great post on Flamborough Head. We really liked the article. It actually helped inspire us to visit!

    If your readers are interested, we’ve written about adding the Drinking Dinosaur to the Flamborough Head to Bempton Cliffs walk: https://travelmademedoit.com/the-drinking-dinosaur/

    Thanks again for this great piece on this beautiful coastal setting, we love your website and can’t wait for your upcoming content.

    From your newest fans, Dan & Beck

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