A very overcast start to the day when we expected a bit of sun. We are driving to Bridlington today so hopefully we are saving our British allocation of sunny days for walking and cycling.

The end of the bed we sleep in is a bit dodgy this morning.  We thought a cushion had moved but in fact the plastic runner has snapped. Do we try a Heath Robinson fix with mdf or just use the lounge as two single beds? In the end we decided on the twin bed approach but we’ll have to buy the bedding as all we have with us is king size stuff.

Our journey to Bridlington is made interesting by an unscheduled B road route up and over the moors. We also fit in a stop at Asda to buy single bedding!

My pick
Tony’s pick

It’s mid afternoon by the time we arrive. We are staying at Bridlington Caravan and Motorhome Club Site which is actually about 3 miles outside the town.

We set up, have a scone and cuppa and then use the facilities which at this time of the day are empty so thankfully no queues.

We set up dinner for later and then wander to the closest pub which is 15 minutes walk away, called The Martonian. It’s all very organised with table service for drinks.

Back at the van, tea and telly to end the day.

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