Penbryn Beach, Llandysul

Bit of sunshine on show this morning in amongst the clouds and the weather is expected to improve throughout the afternoon so it’s beach day!!

After the usual cups of tea, a breakfast of sausage butties and the unmaking of our bed, we leave the campsite.

We have hoodies and rain jackets with us as the weather has been mixed and fast changing. Not very far into our walk we have to put on our jackets but luckily it’s a passing shower so not 10mins later they’re off again.

Sun is shining so it’s a pleasant if unexciting walk down to the beach. And I mean down. 2.5 miles down. Can’t help but think of the 2.5miles back up again.

About halfway down we spot signs for a beach cafe. I try not to get too excited as its probably shut. But there is hope for a cuppa.

Happy day. It’s open. We get takeaway teas and a flapjack and directions to the beach. They are serving food until 4pm so we promise ourselves lunch after the beach. Crab salad is on the menu and very fresh as we passed the fish delivery van on the way down!

We take the forest path rather than the road to the beach. It’s winding and up and down, a bit muddy with wooden steps on the steep bits. 20 mins later after almost ending up on the coastal path rather than the beach, we arrive.

It’s really quite busy. Lots of families but plenty of room for social distanced fun and games. The beach is rocky and sandy and full of people with masses of kit. Chairs, coolers, gazebos, tents, wind breaks, paddle boards, buckets and spades. There’s an NT carpark at the bottom of the hill so luckily they didn’t have to carry it all too far.

Enjoy our tea and share the most yummy coconut and raspberry flapjack sitting on a large boulder on the beach. We wander along the waters edge and down the beach where its a lot quieter. Its lovely, sunny and breezy.

Time for lunch. We don’t have to wait very long for a table. Order a crab salad and a ham sandwich which we are sharing. The crab salad is delicious with fresh bread and a balsamic dressing and the ham has a honey and mustard dressing to die for. All washed down with a beer followed by a salted caramel ice-cream. Heaven.

Now for the walk back. I managed to get a blister on my little toe on the way down as I’m wearing new walking shoes. T tells me that I should be wearing 2 pairs of socks. I admit he has told me that before. Anyway he lends me a sweaty sock that I wear on my sore foot and it works! The walk back up that hill is not at all enjoyable for me in the heat and humidity but it had to be done. I puffed and panted up that long long hill all the way to the campsite. In the end it was a 6 mile round trip so I was happy just to arrive at the van and sit down with a cup of tea.

Some well earned chill time followed by a loaded jacket potato for dinner and a terrible film on TV and a rather lovely sunset. Another good day.

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