Exploring Llanwrtyd Wells

Lovely day today exploring the Llanwrtyd area on foot via a circular path from the town, along the river to St David’s Church and the town cemetery, returning along the other side of the river.

After wandering down the road into town the first part of the path passes a ancient (circa 1583) hotel Dol-y-Coed that used to be a spa but is now the base of one the main employer’s in the town…oops no photo.

The path is close to the river which is running red with minerals we assume are iron.

We pass lots of stables and horses along the route.

Eventually we arrive at the church after crossing the new bridge to the other side of the river. We brought fleeces and rain jackets with us as it was threatening rain but its now bright and hot. We find a bench in the cemetery and enjoy a sweet and water.

The route back passes by Victoria Wells. This was the site of the second spa to be founded in Llanwrtyd and was opened on the Diamond Jubilee of Queen Victoria in 1897, hence the name. Sadly its now a rundown log cabin motel.

The journey back along the road rather than the river has the occasional house and some lovely roadside flowers.

Back in town we stop at the Drovers restaurant for a beer. It has a lovely balcony overlooking the river.

We are having homemade enchiladas for dinner. The sauce has been sitting in our freezer so they are quick and easy to throw together. The firepit is starting to burn well, the dinner is on the table and the rain starts. Oh well. We move back inside to eat, a few games of spot and an early night.

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