Forest of Dean

Weather is friendly today. Sunny and cloudy. After breakfast we pedal into Coleford to the tourist information and pick up some info and leaflets.

We decide to cycle to Beechenhurst which is about 2.5 miles away and will allow us to access the forest. The route starts with a hill of course and then we cycle down down down literally all the way to our destination. It’s going to be a toughie on the way back!

Considering we did nothing yesterday, we are completely disorganised so have to buy lunch at the café to take with us into the forest. We are cycling the Family cycling route which is a 11 mile circular route through the forest. It’s lovely, not too busy and the sun is shining through the trees. Pretty perfect really.

Stop on route, find a log to perch on and enjoy our lunch.

At the end it’s a very steep descent and my hands were complaining about the excessive braking. I’m not sure I’d be happy letting a little kid do it on their own😲.

There’s a lake at the end which is dog swimming heaven, hard to avoid the shake off spray though.

After a cup of tea outside the cafe we brave the return 2 mile+ hill. Much heavy breathing and leg pumping and we make it. Would you believe it, we have a final hill back out of Coleford to the campsite.

18.7 miles and 1850ft ascent!! A cold beer and a sit down are very welcome.

After showers and an onion bhaji starter we walk back into Coleford for a couple of drinks. Spag bol for dinner followed by a firepit ends a busy, tiring but wonderful day.

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