Guines, France

Leave Belgium via a rural road, no signs for France except the restaurant on the Belgium side of the border was called Cafe on the border!

Big wine shopping trip to Carrefour for Tony on the way to our final campsite, La Bien Assis, in Guines, which is less than 30 mins from Calais. A long time ago this was part of England and Henry VIII met the French King Francis I here in about 1520!Henry-VIII-and-Francis-I-manuscript1-e1383055896662

For the first time this holiday we’ve seen lots of British number plates, heading out or heading home.

We’ve done nothing since landing other than having a nap. Eventually rouse ourselves and have fast food for dinner at the campsite snack bar washed down with a pint of 1664. Spot the difference again to end our day, we should be experts by now.



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