It’s raining again. It’s only the second time in 21 days so we aren’t complaining. Slow start to the day and then we walk into Delft.IMG_20190710_180934.jpg

Rain gets a bit heavy half way in so we shelter under a big brolley outside a cafe and stop for a cuppa. To stay out of the rain we decide to visit Vermeer Centrum Delft, a museum dedicated to Johannes Vermeer. Sadly not a single painting resides in Delft, but they have life sized replicas of all his paintings and a great audio guide. ‘Girl with a pearl earring’ features large in the gift shop, I can’t resist buying a copy for my craft room.

It’s still raining so we check out a couple of shops that product Delftware but I don’t love it enough to pay the prices.IMG_20190710_181420.jpg

Next stop is the Nieuwe Kerk which is actually very old, 15th century, and has the incredibly ornate tomb of William of Orange, who was murdered and buried in Delft in 1584. Gorgeous and enormous stained glass window here.

It has a huge bell tower with 376 steps that Tony climbed for views of the city.

We stop at a local micro brewery for a beer, more to T’s taste than mine.

It’s still raining so I decide to have a beer while T is visiting the Oude Kerk, the old church, which is 11th Century, and has a leaning tower. It’s also where Vermeer is buried.


We didn’t have lunch as we plannned all day to eat at the Maharaja Indian restaurant that we spotted on our way in. As we walked to it in the rain Tony said. .. wouldn’t it be funny if it was closed for personal reasons…..and guess what!

We had to retrace our steps in the rain to another restaurant, the Indian Garden, luckily it was open and served tasty food. As you can see I meant to photograph our starters, but we’d eaten them already.

On our way back to the campsite we stopped at our favourite pub in Delft for a beer then watched an episode of Breaking Bad, in the van, to end another good if what damp day.

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