We left Hoge Veluwe around 11:30am. Giethoorn was only just over an hour away. Decided to stop at Meppel for a little Aldi shopping on the way in. Just like home 😁.

As we got closer to Giethoorn the satnav tried to take us down tiny back roads, as per usual. Managed to be strong and find an alternative! Saw lots of cranes as we came in.

Arrived at the site which is on a farm and we appear to have it to ourselves. It’s hotter than hell at 31°.  We did intend to cycle the 5k  into Giethoorn later in the afternoon buts it just too hot! Spend the afternoon hiding from the sun with a makeshift  extra awning, reading and drinking beer purely for medicinal purposes.

No cook tea made up of whatever we have in the fridge. Few flies around so we got out our food nets for the first time. They work well.

Playing Spotify again, 70’s summer hits, as we have the place to ourselves.  Tony’s playing backgammon and I’m blogging, we know how to have a good time 😂.

Hopefully it’ll be a little cooler tomorrow so we can explore.IMG_20190629_215741-816x404

4 thoughts on “Giethoorn

  1. We had one once, on a free 2 week trial, it was an app. It was good as you could put dimensions and weight of vehicle on. Really need to upgrade our van TomTom satnav if possible but just haven’t got around to checking it out.


  2. We have to argue with the sat nav too! It’s hot here too but we seem to be in a pocket of cool, overcast weather much to the disgust of our caravanning neighbours 🤣 Love the net things!


    1. Yes it definitely can be too hot! The bloody sat nav is always trying to take us down single track roads, doesn’t seem to be any setting to stop it. We saw a couple using nets last year…they worked great…but we did have to break out a second table 🤣😂.

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      1. I think you can get a sat nav for lorry drivers which sticks to the bigger roads but not sure what it’s called.


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