Today was supposed to start with a couch to 5k session. Well that didn’t happen as planned. T went for a run but luckily I didn’t have quite enough time!

After breakfast outside, as the weather is amazing again, we walked into Grupont station to catch the train to Namur. Up a hill of course in the heat, it’s 11:30am and  scorching! After a little translation and Google check we managed to be on the right platform, despite it being the wrong one according to all the signs! The station itself looks derelict and we saw lots of other stations like it along the line. I think Beeching has been here too.

We changed at Rochefort-Jemelle and arrived at Namur about 1:30pm. Wandered towards the Citadel, the main reason for visiting Namur, but stopped for a bit of lunch. Shared a very tasty starter and bread, washed down with a cold beer, yummy.

Onto the Citadel. It’s really hot now and of course uphill so we are super sweaty. It’s a strange place, lots of walls and steps, terrible maps and signage and not much else. Eventually get some terrific views of the city and the confluence of the two rivers, the Meuse and the Sambre.

Namur is the capital of Wallonia, and this is strategically why the citadel was originally built in 937, it’s been added to and updated many times since then. After a bit more wandering we get to the top, but really not much to see. We get a free map from the visitor centre and manage a different route down back to the city.

Find a shop by Namur train station and pick up a few essentials for our BBQ later and squeeze in a cold beer before the train. It’s a 20min walk from Grupont station to the campsite, with a nice hill included. Need the two beers we quaff at the bar once we arrive.

Enjoy our BBQ in the cooling temperatures with a visit from the local ducks. About 11pm we get to see the fire flies again before bed. It’s been a tiring, 17,000 steps sort of a day in scorching heat so we should sleep well!IMG_20190624_211611-816x404


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