Loch Ness

We had a bit of unexpected excitement in the middle of the night, no not that sort😁. The power failed so something started beeping. We didn’t know it was the fridge so leapt up with a start. Tony was getting dressed to go outside to see what he could do to sort it when I noticed the whole site was in darkness and only emergency lights were on. Panic over. Luckily power came back on quickly so we were quickly back to snoozing.

After our interruption, we enjoyed a very lazy start to the day. Tony made a cooked breakfast and we ate with views of a sunny Loch Ness.IMG_20190412_101515.jpg

Eventually got organised and walked from the campsite through a forest, mostly up rather than down, to the Falls of Foyers. It looked like there was usually a lot more water flowing down them. We walked a much straighter and quicker route back down, stopping at our local pub with great views of the Loch and also our campsite.

Next a walk through the local cemetery and along the Loch back to the campsite.

A bit of planning for the next few days and then off to the local up the hill, for our first meal out of the holiday. Haggis bites were tasty!

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