Lost Gardens Of Heligan and Mavergissey

Bacon butties for breakfast.

Taxi to The Lost Gardens of Heligan to meet the Marks’ who are again walking to join us. Its very busy with lots of families and dog walkers. Enjoy the kitchen garden especially the pineapple house, the Italian garden and the colourful display of gourds. Pigs were also lots of fun. Walk around the jungle area and brave the wobbly Burma rope bridge.

After a cuppa we walk to Mavergissy. It’s supposed to be 1.25 miles but turns out to be nearer 2 miles. Luckily it’s mostly downhill and the sun is shining again. Weather has been terrific all week. Manage to source the last 4 roast dinners in the place. A quick  walk around the double harbour and then a final couple of pints on our last evening together…all home tomorrow.

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