Tintagel Castle and Padstow

Pack up and drive to Tintagel for a daytime viewing. Looks better in the sunshine. Wander down to the Castle which is closed as they are building a new bridge to it but enjoy the exhibition and the coastline and a free sample of ginger wine.

I escape early and after huffing and puffing up the very steep hill from the castle, have a cuppa until Tony, Bev and Jacky join me and we taste our first traditional Cornish Pastie. All slightly disappointed. The sweet version containing rhubarb and custard was a winner though.  Quick wander around the famous Tintagel Post Office before we leave.

Next stop is Padstow where we stay on a small campsite just off the Camel Trail. Wander along the Camel Trail into Padstow around 5pm, only takes 20mins.

Walk through the working keyside area into Rick Stein world… Fishmonger, Seafood Bar, Fish & Chip Shop & Restaurant and Deli and Shop. Lots of lovely things to buy, done beautiful stuff but pricy.

Further along is the small but well formed harbour, surrounded by pubs and cafes. Quiet at this time of day. Enjoy a half pint in a few different pubs whilst exploring the harbour area. We intended to eat spag bol back in the van but on the way back we’re tempted instead by cod balls and chips from Rick Stein’s chip shop…..yummy.

Beer, crisps and Nomination Whist in the Van to end another good day.

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