Off again to Cornwall – first stop near Taunton in Somerset

It’s now mid October and we begin our next journey, to Cornwall.  The last time we were in Cornwall was 1990, staying at Lizard Point with T and my Mum and Dad. I was heavily pregnant with Matt. Very fond memories of our last holiday with Mum,  she died a few months later.

We leave home later than usual on Sunday, around lunchtime, as we were out the previous evening in Liverpool enjoying Moira’s 50th birthday celebrations.

We’ve decided to try for the first time a nightstop. These are pubs where you can stay overnight either for free or a small fee, usually just parking in a carpark. Eventually we decide on The Royal Oak in Stoke St Gregory near Taunton in Somerset. Have to stop at services to pick up food as it doesn’t serve food in the evening. Enjoy a couple of pints, an informal pub quiz and a bit of banter with the locals.

Next morning wake up to church bells and wander around the lovely local church and churchyard of St Gregory, before heading for Cornwall.


One thought on “Off again to Cornwall – first stop near Taunton in Somerset

  1. Ooh one of our favourite parts of the UK! Enjoy Cornwall, looking forward to seeing where you get to xx


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