Cairnholy, Glentrool & Galloway Forest Park

Leaving Kirkcudbright in the sunshine we drive north west stopping at Cairnholy, the site of two Neolithic tombs. T tells me Neolithic means new stone age and he only knows this from watching Indiana Jones movies πŸ˜‚. The walk to the tombs is a brisk 0.5mile stroll uphill so we are nice and warm when we arrive. Great views of the surrounding countryside and Wigtown Bay.

Arrive at the campsite early afternoon and hibernate as it’s raining and its Sunday. Heat up homemade cottage pie and about 8:15pm walk to the only local pub. Sadly we get there as it’s just shutting….at 8:30pm πŸ™„… have to walk home again a little irritated.

Galloway Forest Park is the UK’s first Dark Sky park. We were hoping for great stars and another siting of the Milky Way but sadly as we didn’t plan properly, although it was clear, it was also an almost full and very bright waxing gibbous moon, so it wasn’t much better than home. Must plan better!mde

We watched the movie The Blind Side and love it. Do like a bit of our Sandra.

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