Hadrian’s wall….our final stop in Northumberland

We leave Dunstan with regret.  Embleton Beach and Dunstanburgh Castle and the coastline have totally wowed.

The final stop on our Northumberland journey is a visit to Emperor Hadrian’s wall, about 1.5hrs drive away. Weather has taken a turn for the worse and it’s grey skies and rain all the way.

Arrive at the carpark at Housesteads, site of a large Roman fort originally called Vercovicium, near the mid point of the wall. It was raining hard on route and we spotted lots of very wet hikers walking the wall as it’s very close to the road. Stay in Luci for a couple of hours waiting for the rain to stop. Around 2pm it finally let’s up so we enjoy  a walk around the site and clamber over the ruins and visit the on-site museum.

After pitching up at a site about 15mins away, we eventually treat ourselves to a final pub tea in the Milecastle pub, about 0.5 mile up the road. This is an unusual campsite with alpacas, donkeys, chickens, goats and a huge pig called Bubble as our neighbors, and we wake up to a donkey braying.

End of a really lovely journey around a small part of beautiful Northumberland… highly recommend it if you haven’t spent any time there!


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