Jedburgh and The Holy Island of Lindisfarne

Leaving Keilder we travel towards Lindisfarne via Scotland stopping in Jedburgh for a couple of hours to look at their impressive Abbey.

Our campsite is in a lovely spot overlooking in the distance the causeway and Lindisfarne. Enjoy a meal and a drink at the site restaurant.dig

After checking tide times we decide to cross mid morning and stay the day returning around 5pm.  We drive across the causeway ahead of high tide and spent the day there. Enjoy cups of tea and lunch in our cosy van while it tipped down outside. Once the sun came out we enjoyed a walk to and around Lindisfarne Castle and then a visit to the beautiful Priory. It was lovely and quiet as most tourists leave the island during high tide.
Rounded off our visit with a pint in the The Ship whilst waiting for low tide. Great views of the pilgrims’ way as we leave the island.
We are loving Northumberland.

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