Spain…Santiago De Compostela

Arrive at the only campsite in Santiago De Compostela mid afternoon after restocking our fridge and of course booze supplies. The site looks a bit tired and the pitches are tiny and so close together! Get ourselves setup and eventually walk into the city. We are going in to watch the England game and leave it a little late so it turns into a sweaty route march…again! Find a bar in the narrow and winding old town with a little help from a local and manage to bagsy front row seats. Atmosphere is great, sadly football is not coming home but the journey has been fab! Taxi home as its now 11:15 pm and the buses have stopped and we don’t want to walk back up the hill.


Next day we eventually get our act together and wander into the old town again but this time we get the bus. Stumble across the most wonderful tapas bar at lunchtime, sit at the counter like proper Spaniards and enjoy super tasty tapas with a cold beer. It was called Taberna Bo Bispo and when we looked it was no 29 out of 558 restaurants in SdC on TripAdvisor …best Spanish food of the holiday so far.


Enjoy wandering around,in and outside the cathedral and the impressive square where all the pilgrims congregate at the end of their journey, Plaza Del Obradoiro. Light candles for our loved ones. Tony especially enjoys seeing the huge thuribles that his Dad Phonsie had told him all about, as he visited here back in the 1920’s!


For €2 we take a tour of the university, in Spanish, and get to stand on a balcony that overlooks the plaza. Many of the stones on the inside walls of the building are covered in mason’s marks.


Enjoyed an evening meal in the old town, ordering far too much, and a couple of beers before getting bus back to Luci.

The next day we have a cathedral roof tour booked at midday. Manage to squeeze in coffee/tea and churros beforehand. Tour is in Spanish as the daily english tour is fully booked. Spend an hour on the roof enjoying fabulous views and not understanding more than a few words the rapid talking guide spoke…but we loved it. Followed this up with a walk through the museum. Highlight was standing on the balcony watching a huge group of teenagers celebrating the end of their pilgrimage with song and dance in the plaza. Final visit inside the cathedral for a few last words and then off for a beer and dinner in the old town before making our way back to Luci.


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