Penida Gerês National Park…our final stop in Portugal

The drive from Luso to a campsite called Parque Cedeira near Campo do Gerês, high up in the mountains of the Penida Geres National Park, was long and winding but OK.  We arrive in time to watch England but as its not on regular TV we have to watch it on my mobile phone…..its coming home!!! Enjoy a lovely meal at the campsite restaurant to end our day.

We have four nights here so the next day we have a day of nothing very much as all, except Tony does manage a short hike! Enjoy a tasty BBQ to end a very relaxing day.IMG_20180708_230450-1152x864

After breakfast and a slow start, we hike part of the Geira Romana walking trail between mile XXXIV and mile XXXI which follows in part a Roman road over 2000 years old! Its a lovely hike through a forest beside a lake with a steep climb about 1.5 hrs. The circular trail ends via a forested road and the final 1.75 hrs is a lot more boring and hard going, especially in the 30 degree heat. Interesting to see parts of the Roman road in good condition and the standing mile-marker stones.

We see some wildlife too! A squashed snake and frog and escaped cattle. Very glad to see the campsite at the end. Too tired for a BBQ so we enjoy pate and cheese on toast instead and watch Enterprise…now on Series 3!

On our final day at the site we take a walk around Campo do Gerês via a Roman bridge. The village is full of small concrete grain stores on stilts. We enjoy another BBQ and watch the semi-final of the world cup in the campsite bar with the first Brits we’ve seen here and various other nationalities including some disappointed Belgians.

We’ve loved this site….in a forest with generous pitches and almost empty once the Portuguese went home after the weekend. This is our last stop in Portugal…off into Spain tomorrow …border is only about 1.5hrs away.


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