Spain – Tordesillas, Monfrague Park, Caceras, El Rocio

We leave Leon near Bayonne in France and cross over into Spain and then drive over 470Km to Tordesillas in Spain. Scenery at start of journey through Aragon is fabulous, deep valleys and steep tree covered hillsides. Later on in the journey swathes of poppies are everywhere, colouring the landscape red.



Along the route we spot a long line of people on the side of the road connected by holding scarfs. We later discover this is part of a 200mile chain of people demonstrating for Basque independence.

Arrive at Tordesillas and it’s raining hard. Site is sodden, big pools of water everywhere. Plug in our motorhome and enjoy a couple of movies, a glass of wine and eventually a ding meal. Finish our evening watching Enterprise …now on series 2!



Next day after croissants again for breakfast we venture into Tordesillas, first crossing over the river Duero… which is also the river Duoro in Portugal.  Years ago Tony and the kids went swimming in the Douro in Portugal but it was much slower and narrower than here. 500 years ago Tordesillas was where Spain and Portugal signed a treaty dividing up the world! How times change.

We enjoy the menu del dia in Plaza Mayor and wander around the sleepy town, it’s Monday, raining and siesta time so everything is closed so obviously we have a beer. First siesta of the holiday follows. Eat at the campsite restaurant to end our damp day. The weather is much better at home🤣.



Next stop is Parque Natural de Monfrague. Birdwatchers paradise. We are staying in a lovely rural site on the border of the park. Sun is shining at last so we sit outside late into the evening, soaking up the rays and enjoying the sunset.



Next morning we start early and enjoy a fabulous bird watching tour. Our guide is Valentin and we share the tour with a friendly couple from the Netherlands. We are totally wowed by the tour as we spend four hours visiting various sites in the park and seeing Griffon Vultures, Black Vultures, Egyptian Vultures, Spanish Imperial eagle and even some red deer. Amazing as we see various birds sitting on nests with their chicks….as well as riding high on the thermals. Finish up with a picnic and the incredible sight of a large group of vultures on the ground feeding. At first Valentin thinks it’s a carcase but no…we spot a newly born foal trying to get up on its spindly  and wobbly legs…it’s a meal of placenta! End our day with a lovely meal at the campsite restaurant and another fabulous sunset.



Next day we move further south. We visit Caceres a medieval walled town and after a wander around enjoy a tapas lunch in Plaza Mayor. We stop one night in a rural site in Campo Maior just over the border in Portugal as we can’t find a site in Spain before moving to our final Spanish site in El Rocio.



El Rocio is one of the weirdest places we’ve visited. It’s a bit like the wild west with its sandy roads and posts outside of its buildings to tie up your horse! In May it’s a place of pilgrimage where over 1 million people visit, many on horseback or in horse drawn wagons, to pay homage to the statue of the Virgin Mary.  We enjoy a wander around before watching Spain draw with Portugal and the locals parading around on horseback as we feel like extras in a spaghetti western.


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